Family Functions

Life without family is a life wasted. In today’s busy world we stay away from our families to earn and provide them everything. And very seldom we get the quality time we desire with our families. There are a few gatherings like birthdays, get togethers, anniversaries which allow us to enjoy with those we love the most. We all want those moments without any disturbances. Hence we look for a place away from the cities. We have built the perfect place of your desires. A place nearer to the city but away from all the disturbances we want to avoid. We have built a banquet hall, surrounded with nature, at a hill station Yeoor, adjacent to Thane. Close enough to reach quickly and far enough to avoid all the disturbances. When it comes to a family get together we all have members of different nature. We all have different desires. We care for each and every member of your families. We have a swimming pool for kids as well as for adults, with all safety equipments. We have a park for aged ones. We have rest rooms for those who just want to relax from the exertion they face in everyday life. We have special washrooms for ladies. We have special baby feeding rooms for mothers with newborns. We consider our guests as our families. We guarantee the joy and happiness to each and every member your families.