Wedding Hall

A wedding is a moment of a lifetime. Two people hold each other’s hands forever and about thousands of people come together to witness this beautiful event. We all dream about this day. We all want it to be special. Many relatives and friends and colleagues come together, everyone is dressed beautifully, everyone is happy. We assume us as a part of your family and try to enhance your happiness with our best services. We take care of your moments. We take care of your tastes. We take care of almost everything. As what we want is just you to enjoy this beautiful event.

And for that we have a banquet hall filled with 1500 seats. Even people from the last rows can view the ceremony clearly as the hall has the theatre like floor descending towards the stage. The banquet hall has the modern technology roof with three layers, which drops the temperature by ten degrees. The food counters are arranged alongside the hall which saves a lot of time for the guests. Luxurious toilets with frequent cleaning are one of the best features we have. There are special rooms for brides and grooms a little away from the event to avoid any disturbances. The lounge is carpeted with green grass and plants. The gate that gives you the royal feeling the moment you enter the premises. There are modern technology lightings with unique and innovative and colourful concepts. We not only guarantee the best wedding celebration, but also we guarantee best memories.