Corporate Events

Modern India has become a country of industrialization. Businesses in India are growing every day. According to the world’s richest organization, India is going to become a superpower in the next few years and corporate sector will have a lion’s share in it. But corporate people are too fed up of panic meetings in their daily offices. They are not able to conduct long time meetings in their offices because of the time restrictions. Now this is where we come in. We have built a well equipped hall with all facilities at a hill station Yeoor, near Thane city. So the corporate people have got the right place for various programs here. Think tanks are the power of the corporate world. And as per the psychology, ideas and concepts appear miraculously when one is connected to nature. Our natural surrounding and inner comforts will definitely help these purposes. You can have programs at this place such as meetings, product inaugurations, annual or quarterly meetings, client presentations etc. We understand the importance and seriousness of these kinds of gatherings. Hence we have come up with the best place for you to succeed in your purposes.