Swimming Pool

This spectacular pool compels you to fall in love with water. The pool is surrounded by trees and its shadowy placement enhances the experience of swimming in it. Some of us go out to relax from our daily routine; some go out especially for swimming and for many other reasons. But ultimately we miss some part of it as most of the hotels are not capable of fulfilling all our desires. But here at this place, you can enjoy everything at the same time. The pool is separated in two different parts. Kids can enjoy their time at the less deep section, while the adults can enjoy swimming in the deeper part.The water in the pool is clean 24/7 because we have installed an imported water purifier machine, which pulls out the unwanted materials and replaces the contaminated water with clean and fresh water frequently. So there will not be any unhygienic experience. And for those who fear water, they will definitely change their minds here at this fresh water swimming pool.